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Interlaboratory Study

The Centre for Biomass Energy Research and Education invites everyone interested to take part in the first interlaboratory study to test reproducibility of biomass fuels component identification using reflected light microscopy. The goal of this project is to promote petrographical studies of solid biomass, further develop and refine terminology and classifications of solid biomass components and ultimately standardize them. Interlaboratory collaboration and interlaboratory exercises in reproducibility testing would be an essential step in this direction.

It is our intent that such activities will lead to a closer collaboration between scientists and the biomass industry, and ultimately improve the quality of solid biomass fuels.

STUDY TIMELINE: 1. Materials containing introduction to solid biomass component identification using reflected light microscopy send to participants (early to mid–November 2022)

2. Pilot study – component identification using photographs (November-December 2022) 3. Results analysis and participant discussion (January 2023) 4. Petrographic analysis on solid biomass samples (February-April 2023)

5. Results analysis and presentation (TSOP 2023 Annual Meeting in Greece) Interested in participating?? Please email Agnieszka Drobniak at

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